Siemens integrates industrial edge with AWS

  • December 19, 2023
  • William Payne

AWS and Siemens are collaborating to accelerate deployment of Industrial IoT applications at scale. The two companies have integrated industrial IoT cloud and industrial edge platforms to simplify enterprise IT and embedded OT integration and enable new applications. AWS IoT SiteWise Edge integrated with Siemens Industrial Edge aims to accelerate and simplify the machine-to-edge and edge-to-cloud data capture and processing.

The new integration simplifies the process of ingesting IoT data into the AWS cloud and employing further AWS services. AWS IoT SiteWise Edge on Siemens Industrial Edge is designed to provide more secure and flexible edge-to-cloud infrastructure for hybrid workflows.

Siemens launched its Industrial Edge platform in 2018, and expanded it in October 2021 with the Industrial Edge Marketplace, an independent, cross-vendor app store where industrial customers can buy apps from different IoT providers. The Industrial Edge platform and Marketplace are part of Siemens Xcelerator. They are part of Industrial Operations X, an interoperable portfolio for automating and operating industrial production.

“The addition of AWS IoT SiteWise Edge to our Industrial Edge Marketplace creates new opportunities to deploy edge and cloud applications at scale and manage closed-loop automation workflows“, said Rainer Brehm, CEO of Factory Automation at Siemens. “Our customers are constantly facing new challenges to boost productivity, flexibility, and sustainability across their production processes. To help them, Siemens is expanding its traditional strong OT portfolio by integrating IT and software capabilities into automation with Industrial Operations X.” With Industrial Operations X, Siemens provides its customers also with an integrated portfolio of operations software combined with an open ecosystem.