Seeq expands oil, gas data access to analytics

  • June 16, 2020
  • imc

Industrial IoT analytics firm Seeq has expanded integration with oil and gas plant industrial data. Seattle based Seeq has announced new connectors for Cygnet enterprise SCADA and WITSML data storage systems. The new integrations will allow more advanced and faster industrial and engineering analytics on oil and gas plant data.

Seeq’s set of applications for analysing process manufacturing data include Workbench for analytics, Organizer for publishing insights in reports and dashboards, and Data Lab for accessing Python libraries. The company’s applications are designed for engineers and subject matter experts, allowing them to investigate, collaborate, and share insights.

CygNet’s SCADA platform is designed specifically for the oil & gas industry.

Wellsite Information Transfer Markup Language (WITSML) is an industry initiative to provide open, non-proprietary standard interfaces for data transmission from rig sites to the offices of operators, oilfield service companies, and integrators. It is also used to share information among partners, vendors, and government agencies.

Operators use Seeq with WITSML systems to extend the value initially gained from initiatives to aggregate and visualise well data. Seeq support for WITSML is designed to help provide tools for engineers to complete more advanced investigation and analytics initiatives. The company says that process engineers and subject matter experts will now be able to analyse current and past drilling, completions and well intervention campaigns. An example would be to perform root cause analysis on equipment failure and optimise performance.

All of the browser-based Seeq applications, Organizer, Workbench, and Data Lab, connect to a shared Seeq server to enable collaboration, access connected data sources, and enable administrative control. Graphics created in Data Lab may be viewed in Organizer Topics, data modelled in Workbench may be accessed by Data Lab users, and Data Lab algorithm results are available for use in the other Seeq applications.

“Seeq connectivity to these oil & gas industry data sources will help companies tap advanced analytics for data-based decision making at a critical time in the industry,” says Will Knight, Global Lead for Seeq Partner Programs. “The need for innovation is tremendous, so we appreciate the efforts of our system integrator partners, such as TIGA, to assist customers in unlocking the value in their data.”

TIGA, based in Houston, Texas, is a system integrator that focuses on oil & gas data analytics. “We help our clients use CygNet and Seeq to capitalise on their data to drive innovation, transformation and cost savings in their organisations,” says John Miller, President of TIGA. “Furthermore, the WITSML connector will enable access to the operational data landscape, driving value and savings for our clients.”

“Seeq continues to release compelling analytics solutions for customers in process manufacturing and Industry 4.0 engagements,” comments Janice Abel, Principal Analyst at ARC Advisory Group. “The need for the faster and better insights provided by Seeq is a consistent requirement for customers investing in IIoT and Smart Manufacturing.”