Schneider launches cobot for industrial plants

  • October 31, 2023
  • William Payne

Schneider Electric has launched a collaborative machine featuring automation and industrial robotics technology. The Lexium Cobot is designed to work closely alongside humans in industrial settings, using dynamic torque and speed monitoring to perform sensitive movements.

All models have collision detection and safety functions to ensure machine and human safety. Their rounded edges and overall low weight further reduce the risk of injury to operations personnel.

Depending on the application and risk assessment, these features can eliminate the need for additional safety equipment and take up 30-40 per cent less space than traditional industrial robots. According to Schneider, the Lexium Cobot can be quickly integrated into industrial plants without large time or capital overheads.

Lexium Cobots can work in standalone configurations. They also feature weight-bearing potential and programming options which include strong payloads and programming flexibility. The Cobot’s five versions differ in size and working radius, with payloads ranging from 3 to 18 kgs, handling repetitive and monotonous tasks so operators can focus on more value-added jobs or reduce their workload. Graphical programming also helps operators change and adapt applications quickly to production process changes.

“The launch of the Lexium Cobot represents a significant leap in the evolution of robotics,” said Hugo Lafontaine, VP, Industrial Automation Canada, Schneider Electric. “Unlike traditional industrial robots that necessitate process integration from the outset, Lexium Cobots are purposefully engineered to collaborate seamlessly with workers. They deliver swift ROI, effortless integration, without the need for extensive process overhauls, and contribute to the enhancement of plant agility, productivity, and safety.”