Rothenberger digitalises for Industry 4.0

  • September 16, 2020
  • William Payne

German pipe tool and pipe machining tool manufacturer Rothenberger is digitalising its shop floor. The company will achieve this with software from Israeli firm 3d Signals. Sensors and edge computer systems will be installed to provide real-time data and analytics to improve machine availability and productivity.

Rothenberger is adopting digital transformation to enhance the firm’s productivity and reduce its operating costs. This process has become more urgent and significant in the last few months, following the COVID-19 situation that has increased financial pressure and created greater need for remote-management capabilities and efficiency improvements.

3d Signals, an Israeli-based startup with German headquarters in Langen, Hessen, is providing a plug & play machine digitalisation solution that enables machines of any make and model to be network connected in just a few hours.

Using non-invasive sensors and an edge data acquisition system, the 3d Signals solution collects signals from the machine and generates valuable insights on a cloud-based monitoring system, complete with live views, reports and alerts. The solution is in use in a sister company of the Rothenberger Group, and has been proven to provide fast results, enabling managers to have access to real-time manufacturing data, and to take data-driven decisions that promote transparency and employee motivation.

Dr Helmut Rothenberger, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Rothenberger AG, said: “The Rothenberger Group has always been an innovator and early adaptor of new technologies that enabled it to spearhead its industry. We are excited to cooperate with 3d Signals as our partner on our way to transform the Rothenberger factories to industry 4.0 “Factories of the future”. I am positive that 3d Signals will have a great future.”

Mr Ariel Rosenfeld, CEO, 3d Signals, said: “We are honoured and privileged to have been chosen by the professional and knowledgeable team of the Rothenberger Group to assist them in their efforts to always stay one step ahead of the market.”