Rockwell & Microsoft integrate OT/IT platforms

  • April 24, 2024
  • William Payne

Rockwell Automation is working with Microsoft to integrate three different Rockwell systems with Microsoft’s Azure environment and enterprise tools.

Rockwell FactoryTalk will integrate with Microsoft enterprise-wide systems and workflows; Rockwell industrial digital twins will acquire Microsoft AI assisted tools and cloud support; and Rockwell’s Plex platform will be integrated with Rockwell’s FactoryTalk DataMosaix and Microsoft’s Cloud for Manufacturing.

Rockwell’s FactoryTalk edge and cloud solutions brings together artificial intelligence, IoT, and automation solutions to allow people, processes, and technology to operate between physical and digital environments. With Microsoft Azure’s adaptive cloud approach, manufacturers can unify and streamline siloed teams, sites and systems while scaling applications and insights. Together, Rockwell and Microsoft will provide industrial transformation solutions across the value chain, rapidly and at scale, with AI-assisted design, connected data, and agile production optimization.

The recently announced partnership between NVIDIA, Rockwell and Microsoft allows the creation, real-time management, and simulation of digital twins that will be accelerated with the use of Microsoft’s AI assisted tools and cloud technology.

With the integration of Rockwell Automation’s Plex manufacturing execution system (MES) with FactoryTalk DataMosaix and Microsoft’s Cloud for Manufacturing, manufacturers benefit from transformative artificial intelligence (AI) tools that help drive productivity, safety, and quality. These tools focus on resolving quality issues with corrective actions and root cause analysis.

“Rockwell’s partnership with Microsoft is a shared vision of creating and delivering the best solutions to empower the future of industrial operations,” said Nicole Denil, global vice president, market access, Rockwell Automation. “We simplify complexity in how manufacturers design, operate, and maintain their enterprises and empower their people.