Quest partners NVIDIA on digital twins

  • February 7, 2023
  • William Payne

Bangalore-based Quest Global is partnering NVIDIA to develop new digital twin solutions based on the Omniverse Enterprise platform. These will provide 3D visualisation, simulation, and design collaboration for manufacturing and automotive industries. Quest will work with NVIDIA to establish an Omniverse centre of excellence and NVIDIA specific development labs.

Through this association, Quest Global aims to support the transformation of the traditional manufacturing processes and facilities by enabling manufacturers to augment their physical production environments with large-scale, AI and IoT-enabled, digital twin counterparts. These digital twins will enable manufacturers to optimise their manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse processes, reduce waste, and unlock operational efficiencies.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is an end-to-end 3D simulation platform that helps organisations develop and operate physically accurate, perfectly synchronised and AI-enabled digital twins. Building the factories of the future requires uniting disparate datasets from many 3D digital content creation (DCC) and simulation applications in full fidelity, a capability uniquely enabled by Omniverse Enterprise, then connecting to scalable AI platforms such as NVIDIA Isaac Sim for robotics simulation and Metropolis for vision AI applications.

Speaking on the occasion, Dushyant Reddy, Global Business Head for Hi-Tech, Quest Global, said, “As organisations work towards enabling their manufacturing operations with predictive analysis, operational efficiencies, and innovative automation, live digital twins of factory solutions play a vital role in achieving that. We are proud to work with NVIDIA to set up an Omniverse centre of excellence, with trained engineers and NVIDIA-specific labs and infrastructure. This association is a testament to our commitment towards helping our customers pursue the next frontier of innovation and solve the world’s hardest engineering problems.”

“The industrial metaverse requires innovative simulation and AI capabilities to tackle today’s critical manufacturing and automotive challenges,” said Brian Harrison, Senior Director of Product Management for Omniverse Digital Twins at NVIDIA. “The collaboration between Quest Global and NVIDIA delivers workflow solutions and enhancements that take manufacturing and design collaboration to the next level.”

Quest Global is a long-standing Elite member of the NVIDIA Partner Network. The company is well positioned to employ its 3D simulation, engineering, and AI capabilities to help manufacturers quickly develop and exploit digital twins in manufacturing. The company plans to use the capabilities of Omniverse for its customers across industry sectors for product design, optimisation and operation of factories of the future, simulation and training of robotics and synthetic data generation for AI training.