Moxa launches remote Azure IoT Edge gateways

  • July 25, 2022
  • William Payne

Taiwanese industrial networking specialist Moxa has launched a series of IIoT gateways equipped with embedded Azure IoT Edge integration and on-going security updates to maintain full industrial security.

The AIG-300 is a series of IIoT gateways is designed to provide reliable and fast data acquisition and device management. Data collected from devices can be transferred to Azure IoT Edge and then on to the Azure IoT Hub with a few simple configuration steps. The AIG series IIoT gateways also allow devices to be managed via Azure IoT Hub to Azure IoT Edge.

The gateways have a wide-temperature design and low power consumption, and are designed for deployment in remote, unmanned, and harsh environments such as a smart grid, energy storage systems, solar fields, oil and gas refineries, and rail-wayside applications.

The AIG series gateways feature capabilities such as: resume file transmission; over-the-air (OTA) upgrades; and Secure Boot to ensure devices located in remote sites can be upgraded and maintained for continuous availability and effective protection against cyberattacks.

To avoid disconnections during device crashes and sudden shutdowns, the AIG series comes with built-in recovery functions to enable rollback to the previous stable version of the firmware for uninterrupted network connectivity at remote sites.

When a software upgrade fails, the gateways will automatically revert to the software version in the backup, ensuring system stability. A ThingsPro tool simplifies the provisioning process by enabling bulk provisioning of IIoT gateways and performing remote software upgrades.