L&T, PTC solutions for aerospace manufacturing

  • July 26, 2023
  • William Payne

Indian engineering services provider L&T Technology is extending its relationship with PTC to engineer future ready solutions for the aerospace, defence and transportation manufacturing sectors. Both companies will employ PTC’s Windchill product life cycle management and product data management (PLM/PDM) application to cater to manufacturers in the aerospace & defence markets. They will provide manufacturers in these markets with a digital thread from the design to the manufacturing stages.

Windchill will be employed to help drive easy integration with existing architectures of the potential customers and provide a solid foundation for a product-driven digital thread. The product suite is being designed to predict aero engine and components failure. It will provide engineering analytics, where LTTS will bring in the domain expertise and RUL prediction models. PTC tools and platforms will be employed to provide customers a more comprehensive solution.

The solution will allow users to increase efficiencies in automating aerospace MRO operations. It will also help in optimising field repairs and after market support through AR/VR integrated with digital manuals (IETM) and workflow implemented through PTC ThingWorx platform.

LTTS has a global relationship with PTC to provide next generation Smart Digital Solutions & Services to shared enterprise customers worldwide. The parties have an LTTS-PTC Centre of Excellence (CoE) showcasing Smart Digital Solution experiences leveraging PTC products including the ThingWorx IoT platform. With the extension to the aerospace, defence, and transportation sectors, LTTS and PTC will enable digital transformation of data from design to manufacturing stage enabling services support to airlines though PLM/PDM application. In addition to furthering the product innovation journey, LTTS will be able to offer more possibilities across the client value chain.

Alind Saxena, President, Sales and Whole Time Director, L&T Technology Services, said, “We are delighted to expand our existing alliance with PTC for the benefit of the global aerospace industry and demonstrate the power of Industry 4.0 on the manufacturing shop floor. Our joint solutions will enable leadership in Industrial IoT, Data Engineering and the entire product and service life cycle management, enabling global aerospace and defence companies to improve quality, throughput, and design while achieving greater efficiencies in manufacturing operations.”

“We are excited that LTTS has chosen PTC as a key partner for delivering engineering and PLM managed services. With the extension to the aerospace and defence verticals, we and LTTS will further extend our capabilities to unlock new and improved business values across multiple industry verticals. This will further help to leverage each other’s resources, technology, market presence and engineering know-how, serving the aviation sector in EU as well as the rest of the world,” said Stuart Heavyside, Chief Partner Officer, PTC.