Lear acquires industrial automation specialist WIP

  • May 8, 2024
  • William Payne

Automotive and electronics equipment manufacturer Lear Corporation is acquiring industrial systems integrator WIP Industrial Automation. WIP is a privately held systems integrator based in Spain that specialises in automation solutions for industrial applications. The move marks Lear’s expansion in the industrial automation market.

A long-time Lear supplier with 25 years of automation experience, WIP develops and integrates technologies to create customised automation solutions for manufacturing applications. WIP brings industrial robotics and AI-based computer vision capabilities to Lear.

WIP positions Lear to operate more efficiently, thus allowing the company to navigate current macroeconomic challenges, such as elevated wage inflation, more effectively.

This acquisition joins Lear’s investments designed to broaden its automation and digital capabilities that include ASI Automation (“ASI”), Thagora Technology SRL (“Thagora”), and InTouch Automation (“InTouch”).

The acquisition of WIP, ASI, Thagora, and InTouch equip Lear with automation solutions and technical knowledge spanning critical areas of the manufacturing process. Lear plans to use the portfolio of acquired skills and technologies to accelerate innovation in the development of next-generation automation technologies. 

“WIP brings valuable manufacturing engineering capabilities that are essential to advancing innovative automation solutions across our global operations,” said Ray Scott, Lear President and CEO. “This acquisition will support Lear’s long-term strategy to strengthen our market leadership through operational excellence. We are thrilled to welcome the WIP team to the Lear family.”

“This transaction gives WIP a unique opportunity to become part of a world-class automotive company, marrying WIP’s expertise in robotics and AI technologies with Lear’s industry-leading knowledge in product design, engineering, and manufacturing processes,” said Ángel Rodríguez Fernández, WIP CEO and co-owner. “Having valued Lear as a customer for many years, we are excited to join the Lear family and look forward to continuing to develop new innovations that leverage our combined capabilities.”