Kontron partners Truminds on Private 5G

  • January 31, 2024
  • William Payne

IoT computing provider Kontron is collaborating with Truminds Software Systems and Napatech to optimise energy-efficient private wireless networks. The three companies are using Kontron edge servers and Truminds’ TruCore (5G Core Network Technology Solution) optimised for Napatech’s SmartNIC for User Plane Function (UPF) offload.

The deployment includes Smart Network Interface Cards (SmartNICs) from Napatech which offload and accelerate the compute-intensive User Plane Function (UPF) using Truminds’ TruCore. Napatech’s SmartNIC solution delivers industry-leading UPF performance, significantly increasing the number of users or devices per server compared to traditional pure software implementations, while minimising overall costs and improving packet core energy efficiency.

Truminds’ TruCore is a Release 17 compliant 5G packet core technology solution providing cloud-native 5G packet core functions including UPF, SMF, AMF, AUSF, UDM and UDSF.

The solution implements a port-to-port “hair-pinned” architecture to maximise system performance and optimise server CPU utilisation.

“The combination of Truminds’ proven 5G core network technology solution, Kontron’s mature server technology and Napatech’s innovative SmartNIC cards creates powerful, cost and energy efficient Private 5G Core Network solutions,” said Rakesh Vij, CEO of Truminds Software Systems. “Our core network technology solution has been chosen by several leading OEM vendors across the globe. This collaboration further cements our leadership in providing world-class 5G solutions.”

“Through our partner ecosystem, Napatech ensures that our SmartNIC-based UPF offload solution is available to service providers and enterprises via products provided by industry-leading software vendors and server OEMs,” said Charlie Ashton, Senior Director of Business Development, Napatech. “We are delighted to be collaborating with both Kontron and Truminds to deliver industry-leading subscriber capacity and energy efficiency for private wireless networks.”

“Our ME1310 multi-access edge server is the ideal platform for hosting reliable, energy efficient private wireless networks,” said Charles Fambrough, Director of Global Sales for Connectivity/Telco/Media Platforms, Kontron. “Our collaboration with Napatech allows us to extend the functionality of this server and offer a version that optimises the performance of business-critical application solutions like Truminds’ TruCore.”