Inpixon to add IIoT to its Enterprise RTLS Intelligence

  • December 20, 2021
  • William Payne

Inpixon, an indoor intelligence company, is acquiring IntraNav an industrial IoT real-time location system (RTLS) and sensor data services provider. INTRANAV’s customers include Siemens Energy, TB International, Festo, and PERI, as well as firms in agricultural and construction machinery, aerospace, intralogistics and manufacturing.

According to Inpixon’s chief executive, Nadir Ali, acquiring INTRANAV will add industrial solutions, including Industry 4.0, to Inpixion’s existing CX RTLS for enterprise and corporate workplace intelligence solutions.

INTRANAV provides location-aware technologies to organisations building Industry 4.0 applications, including smart factories, smart warehouses, virtual manufacturing, paperless factories, virtual yard management, and digital supply chains.

INTRANAV’s flagship offering is its RTLS IoT platform, INTRANAV.IO. The company also provides data-analytics software and mobile and desktop apps to complement the IoT platform.

INTRANAV also offers a line of proprietary smart sensors including the tags for driverless transport systems, automated guided vehicles, smart pallets and more that can utilise UWB, RFID, GPS, Wi-Fi, and LTE cellular. Additional offerings with partners add NFC, BLE, and Wirepas Massive capabilities to the offering.

Siemens Energy’s Key Expert of Manufacturing Processes and Senior Project Management Robert Diener, said, “We are using INTRANAV solutions for managing powder tracking in an additive manufacturing facility in Finspang, Sweden. The INTRANAV RTLS solution has helped us to greatly improve the transparency of our powder handling process on the shop floor.”

Stephan Schraml, head of technology centre and lead plant scaffolding Günzburg, with PERI Werk Günzburg GmbH, a manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding systems with 2020 revenues exceeding €11.5 billion, commented, “We are using INTRANAV solutions for indoor tracking of our transport racks for semi-finished goods and have found their solutions can help us to address supply chain issues in the production. We are now able to make predictions regarding the arrival time and quantity at the next workstation just in time. INTRANAV joining Inpixon sounds compelling, and I look forward to exploring the Inpixon location intelligence and app solutions for potential use for the corporate side of our business.”

“This acquisition will put us at the heart of Industry 4.0,” said Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon. “The manufacturing of goods and the processing of raw materials is in the midst of another wave of modernisation, with Industry 4.0’s digitalisation of the horizontal and vertical value chains through automation and data exchange leveraging IoT and cloud computing. INTRANAV will bring new, comprehensive products and technologies, and a broad IP portfolio to strengthen our established RTLS product line. Importantly, with INTRANAV’s IoT platform, we will be connected to the end user for industrial solutions, much like our CXApp connects users through our corporate workplace solution, enabling us to deliver the exceptional experiences that power smart factories, smart warehouses, and smart corporate campuses. With INTRANAV, we believe Inpixon will be able to create significant opportunities for the growth of our business in this huge market.” 

Andreas Radix of INTRANAV, said, “In recent months, our team has been uncovering more sales opportunities than we can reasonably address, and now, with Inpixon’s resources and complementary products, I believe we will have an unmatched solution to capture the extraordinary opportunity in the industrial internet of things market.”