Innominds, Qualcomm launch edge AI platform

  • May 9, 2023
  • William Payne

Innominds has launched an edge AI hardware and software platform, iDhi. The new platform has been developed in collaboration with Qualcomm, and incorporates Qualcomm QCS8250 and QRB5165 SoCs. iDhi is available in the Microsoft Azure Device Catalogue or directly from Innominds.

iDhi is an Edge AI Platform designed to support computer vision and other high data / high edge processing requirement applications that may require up to 8 video streams, global connectivity over 5G and 4G bands, complex AI/ML workloads at the edge and/or built-in cloud support for security, AI Ops, provisioning and full video management.

It includes annotated data sets which enable 10x faster video processing enabling uses such as command and control systems for remote operation of devices and robot-assisted surgical systems that give guidance to surgeons in real-time. The platform employs a customisable carrier board coupled with ISQ8250 small form factor System On Module (SOM) built using the QCS8250 SoC and multiple high performance interfaces.

Integrating 5G SIMs directly within Innomind’s iDHi platform provides significant service quality and performance gains for network-dependent systems.

“As companies worldwide embrace digital transformation, we see incredible promise for Innominds’ cloud-native solution to modernise edge computing in industrial environments,” said Dev Singh, vice president, business development and head of building, enterprise, and industrial automation, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to collaborate with Innominds to help to enable next-generation solutions.”

“Industrial environments are currently constricted by siloes and segmentation,” said Raj Ganti, president of strategic accounts at Innominds. “By leveraging edge technologies built on current infrastructure and deploying software as orchestrated workloads, our work with Qualcomm Technologies enables us to bring IT and OT innovation together and create a new paradigm for the industrial edge.”

Innominds’s solution is deployed within Fortune 500 companies across verticals such as manufacturing, automotive, surveillance, energy, and retail. The company is looking to quadruple its number of nodes under management since 2021.