Element Launches Industrial Metadata System

  • December 15, 2020
  • William Payne

California based IT/OT integration specialist Element has launched software to align IT and OT data around contextualised Industrial IoT data. The software aims to improve IIoT integration and governance.

The new software, Element Unify, integrates previously siloed and critical time-series metadata generated by sensors across industrial operations with established IT systems, such as Enterprise Asset Management. The software allow IT and OT teams to more easily work together using a holistic metadata system of record across their entire Industrial IoT environment.

Element Unify comprises four core components: Integrate; Contextualise; Govern; and ElementGraph.

The Integrate component is designed to allow easy, friction-free ingestion of metadata from OT & IT systems, spreadsheets and P&ID systems, helping eliminate poor OT data quality.

The Contextualize component allows users to combine data, making it contextually rich, and out of that single source of truth, compose whatever data model is needed in order to consume raw data via analytical tools.

The Govern component is designed to enable the management of enterprise data semantics, delivering a robust data governance engine that ensures a single source of truth for industrial metadata across the enterprise.

ElementGraph is a visual graphical map of the entirety of an Industrial IoT deployment that shows context and interdependencies of systems, intended to allow consumption by any data user or system whether on-premise or in the Cloud.

“We built Element Unify specifically for the industrial sector, to solve the unique IT/OT data management problem that these enterprises have grappled with for decades,” said Andy Bane, CEO of Element. “These teams have not had a common framework or data system of record from which to work from, and for too long have sat in their own silos. Because of this, they’re unable to partner, making it impossible for an industrial enterprise to move forward with digital transformation of their operations. With Element Unify, we are unifying IT and OT data and finally bringing relevance and full context to industrial IoT deployments. As a result, we are helping unlock operational efficiencies and facilitating digitally-enabled operations.”