Dispelix AR for Foxconn and Pegatron

  • November 14, 2023
  • William Payne

XR developer Dispelix has made separate agreements with Foxconn Industrial Internet and Pegatron to develop reference designs for AR glasses.

Reference designs are complete concept versions of AR glasses that can be put into mass production quickly. They comprise commercially available components chosen by an OEM and verified as compatible to a design’s requirements. The reference designs serve as a platform, allowing customisation based on the product owners’ preferences and the final use case.

Both reference design concepts will use Dispelix Selvä, a single-layer, full-colour waveguide display for eyeglass-form XR glasses. Dispelix Selvä is a thin and light waveguide that delivers a bright and sharp full-colour image while maintaining social, wearable, and visual comfort for the user. The large eyebox ensures that users can easily keep virtual content in their field of vision. The bright virtual image allows XR glasses to be used comfortably indoors and outdoors, while the sharpness of the image makes small text easy to read. The Dispelix Selvä LED waveguide display is compatible with DLP, MicroLED, and LCoS projectors.

Foxconn Industrial Internet and Pegatron both have a long track record of success in building high-quality designs based on product specifications defined by consumer electronics brands. The reference designs allow product owners to create and launch high-quality AR glasses more quickly. Both Foxconn Industrial Internet and Pegatron will be unveiling their reference designs in the upcoming months.