Digital Twin for complex logistics

  • May 8, 2024
  • William Payne

Startup SYDITIL has developed a digital twin technology for complex industrial logistics. SYDITIL is funded by EU public-private partnership EIT Manufacturing, and employs digital twin technology to model industrial infrastructures in real time.

SYDITIL aims to provide support in optimising the design and operational lifespan of intricate logistics systems. By employing digital twin technology, SYDITIL supports real-time simulation and modelling of industrial infrastructures.

According to Daniel Krob, Systemic Intelligence Group President, the starting point of this journey was a paper written with his partner Antoine Rauzy, entitled “Handling the COVID-19 crisis: Toward an agile model-based systems approach”, in which they proposed the idea of a systemic digital twin for modelling and simulating the covid-19 crisis. Their initial motivation was therefore to transform the idea introduced in this paper into something concrete.

SYDITIL’s systemic digital twin provides reduced development time and costs for industrial logistics, real-time alerts for operators, and enhanced supply-chain performance. By providing actionable insights and facilitating strategic decision-making, SYDITIL drives efficiency and competitiveness for both designers and operators.

This project, which was one of those selected in EIT Manufacturing’s Call for Proposals 2023, co-financed with a grant of €1,280,000, has yielded significant outcomes, including the successful development and launch of a dedicated solution for rapid deployment of systemic digital twins in European industrial logistics.