Cyngn adopts Ouster lidars for AV platform

  • January 4, 2023
  • William Payne

Industrial vehicle maker Cyngn is adopting Ouster’s new REV7 digital lidars to its DriveMod platform that provides autonomous operations for material handling vehicles.

DriveMod is an all-in-one autonomy integration package that converts standard industrial vehicles into autonomous ones by utilising lidar, hardware components, and AI software. DriveMod can be installed into new vehicles off the assembly line or retrofitted into existing vehicles.

“Cyngn’s DriveMod was developed to support faster, more cost-effective deployments of industrial autonomy solutions, thereby solving major scalability and adoption issues faced by companies interested in reaping the benefits of greater levels of automation,” said Cyngn CEO, Lior Tal. “DriveMod simplifies what can otherwise be a complex installation process, and requires high-performing sensor technology such as Ouster lidar sensors, which maximises the vehicle’s self-driving capabilities.”

“Cyngn’s platform is streamlining the adoption of autonomous technology for industrial fleets by making it simpler to add autonomy, powered by Ouster digital lidar, to existing and new material handling vehicles,” said Nate Dickerman, Ouster’s President of Field Operations. “We’re excited to support them as they increase the number of autonomous solutions across the supply chain, and thrilled that Cyngn will have their DriveMod system on display at CES in the Ouster booth.”