Coca-Cola Singapore implements XSQUARE AGVs

  • January 17, 2024
  • William Payne

Coca-Cola has launched five new autonomous forklifts (AGVs) at its regional concentrate plant in Singapore. The company is working with XSQUARE Technologies, an APAC-based intelligent warehouse automation provider.

Coca-Cola Singapore has implemented the AGVs as part of its digital transformation strategy. The company supports one of the fastest growing regions in the world. It is implementing Industry 4.0 in its Singapore plant to build supply chain resilience into its system and increase plant capacity.

XSQUARE’s Springer AGVs have been integrated into the plant’s shop floor and automated warehouse to transport finished goods within the premises. The autonomous forklifts have also been incorporated with Coca-Cola’s existing sub-systems and are able to operate in hybrid working environments. This is enabled by XSQUARE’s Xymphony software, which allows for data interoperability and increases operational efficiency.

“Coca-Cola is proud to launch our new AGVs with XSQUARE, leveraging their deep expertise in warehouse optimisation and cutting-edge technologies. This marks a new milestone in our Industry 4.0 transformation journey.”

“Through our partnership with XSQUARE and ongoing efforts to fully automate our plant in Singapore, we hope to continuously improve our processes, create higher value-added jobs for our workforce, and contribute to Singapore’s vibrant ecosystem for advanced manufacturing,” said Gerardo Artavia, Plant General Manager, Coca-Cola Singapore.

“As consumer expectations in the region rapidly evolve, it’s crucial for warehouses to step up their capabilities. In this dynamic landscape, companies like Coca-Cola recognise the transformative power of intelligent warehousing solutions. We are thrilled to collaborate with them, providing our advanced AGV systems that are tailored for maximum safety, precision, and speed in navigation and storage. Our technology is not just about automation; it’s about enhancing human efforts and ensuring efficiency in every aspect,” said Jens Bohnwagner, CEO of XSQUARE. “This collaboration with Coca-Cola signifies a crucial juncture in our endeavours to revolutionise warehouses across APAC as we seek to establish new benchmarks in warehousing technology and operations.”