Belden Edge Gateway for complex IT-OT networks

  • September 6, 2022
  • William Payne

Networking specialist Belden has launched an edge gateway device to connect industrial IoT and embedded devices to edge computers. The Hirschmann OpEdge-8D gateway is particularly aimed at simplifying large and complex industrial networks.

The OpEdge-8D is designed to address a fast-growing need for seamless, secure and reliable ways to connect operational systems with information systems. The new gateway makes it easier for organisations to run applications to manage and analyse large amounts of data and create actionable insights that can optimise production processes and improve efficiency.

OpEdge-8D can deploy applications (containers and virtual machines) at the network edge to leverage insights in the field that provide a value to the business, such as for operational efficiency and predictive maintenance. It can also simplify application deployment across edge devices, no matter the quantity or location, to enable scalability and drive productivity with Belden Horizon console. The new gateway helps ensure a protected link to the cloud with its secure remote access capability.

“As the number of connected devices increases, driven by the IIoT, many organisations struggle with a way to leverage massive volumes of data for smarter, more effective management of operational processes,” said Jeremy Friedmar, senior product manager, Edge Solutions at Belden. “The OpEdge-8D leverages the latest IT technologies to streamline the process of bringing local operational data to where it can be integrated quickly in a variety of applications that will produce insights that ultimately improve efficiency, maximise uptime and enable continuous process improvement. ”