AWS partners EOT on AI-optimised IIoT

  • October 2, 2023
  • William Payne

Industrial software provider EOT has signed a multi-year agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide AI-optimised industrial automation with a no-code cloud historian and digital twins on AWS.

EOT is working with AWS to provide industrial users with analytics and machine learning to allow them to better access, manage and visualise legacy operational data. The agreement extends EOT’s TwinFusion portfolio of products and provides industrial customers with point-and-click navigation across multi-dimensional asset data visualizations for faster root cause analysis. It also includes mutual investments in market development and customer proof-of-concept projects.

The agreement is designed to allow industrial organisations to realise the value of real plant data by connecting supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and historians to AI-ready cloud historians and digital twins. It will allow creation of an enterprise-wide Digital Twin Graph Asset Model that fuses metadata from operational, engineering, and transactional sources into a single unified data architecture.

It will also enable advanced decision-making through enhanced navigation of operational and asset model insights and simplify ML and analytics-based decision-making. The agreement will provide integration with AWS IoT TwinMaker and AWS IoT SiteWise industrial managed services, and allow deployment of future predictive maintenance combining generative AI and edge computing.

Matt Oberdorfer, Founder and CEO of EOT, said: “Our collaboration with AWS represents a commitment to an AI-enhanced future. By infusing AI capabilities to optimize industrial assets, we’re pioneering a gold standard in operational accuracy, predictive efficiency, and sustainability.”

Hilcorp, a large, privately held exploration and production company in the United States, uses EOT software for operating their upstream assets. Matt Hall, Director of IT at Hilcorp, said: “As a customer of EOT, we have been able to accelerate our objective in building a scalable analytics platform that exudes the AWS Well-Architected Framework. It is reliable, cost effective, and allows us to scale our objectives while working hand in hand with our application and data strategy. EOT has grasped our vision and delivered innovative software solutions for our shared Internet of Things (IoT) goals and objectives. Without EOT, we would be spending countless hours and money trying to get close to what we have today. EOT has not merely served as a vendor, but as a partner in helping us realize our goals.”

Alan Braun, Director, Service Acceleration at AWS, said: “EOT is a trusted AWS Partner using AWS’s deep set of functionalities, proven reliability, and enhanced security. We are delighted to be collaborating with them to provide AWS and EOT customers with a pre-built, easy to use, and fast to launch edge-to-cloud IoT industrial data hub that allows customers to spend their time focused on outcome driven ML use cases. AWS and EOT’s shared priorities of customer focus and long-term thinking are central to the collaboration to provide further innovation, efficiency, and scalable growth to the industrial sector.”