alwaysAI Vision AI platform for mining industry

  • March 25, 2024
  • William Payne

Vision AI specialist alwaysAI has launched a set of solutions that combine the company’s computer vision platform with an analytics dashboard and bespoke AI solutions for the mining industry.

The alwaysAI Smart Mining platform is designed to enhance employee safety and improve efficiency in mining settings that have historically limited visibility into fundamental mining processes.

The company is also partnering with industrial groups, companies, and mining experts to support adoption of Vision AI within the mining industry. This includes the Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú and their collaboration with the Mining Innovation Hub at Perumin, representing mines like Antamina, Alpayana, and Buenaventura.

“Vision AI can help in every critical mining process from extraction to processing, inventory management and transportation, and delivery. AI technology like alwaysAI Smart Mining solutions enable operators to quickly deploy computer vision applications onto cameras to accurately measure and count ore extraction, monitor cage and large machine utilisation, detect PPE, and address a wide variety of other applications that will have a dramatic impact on profitability,” said Marty Beard, Co-Founder and CEO of alwaysAI.

Carlos Diez Canseco, General Manager, Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú said, “The mine-to-market value chain is complex, and improvements must be highly data-driven. Artificial intelligence can transform mining operations by increasing productivity, improving safety, and helping mitigate environmental impacts. We are delighted to work with companies like alwaysAI and their Vision AI solutions to improve mining.”

“Extracting valuable mineral concentrate from ore is a multifaceted process,” said Gerardo Alvear Flores, a recognised expert in mining and metals processing. “From crushing and grinding to sizing and classification to separation, Vision AI will be a game-changer in processing metals materials from ore into a concentrated marketable product. With tight margins, even small gains in productivity can significantly impact profitability, as the benefits compound throughout the mine-to-market value chain.”

“AI is a generational technology that will be especially important to the mining market as it continues to evolve. Finding more efficiency, productivity, and yield in existing mines is critical,” said the CEO of a prominent mining and investment firm. “AI is the tool that will provide real-time insights from production to process to delivery and make mining more productive, profitable, and safer.”