AgJunction 3D Terrain Mapping

  • September 16, 2020
  • William Payne

Precision agriculture firm AgJunction has been awarded a US patent for “Three-Dimensional Terrain Mapping”. The patent is for technology that supports automation of agricultural vehicles, and will also provide driver support for semi-automated operation.

The invention generates three-dimensional terrain maps for farm vehicle control. This includes automatically or semi-automatically moving a vehicle along a desired path. The three-dimensional terrain maps that can be generated by this technology include natural features—such as rivers, hills, and ravines—and other objects, including vehicles, fences, and other obstacles in the area. Generated maps are designed to improve farm implement height control and path planning, which will optimise steering performance and avoid collisions with obstacles.

“I am pleased to announce another addition to our extensive IP portfolio,” said Luke McBeath, Sr. Director of Engineering at AgJunction. “The Three-Dimensional Terrain Mapping patent is another step towards expanding our farm automation and making life easier for farmers.”

AgJunction says it currently owns or licenses exclusively over 200 precision agriculture patents and pending patents worldwide.