Aetina partners NVIDIA on Smart Factory

  • December 4, 2023
  • William Payne

Edge AI specialist Aetina has partnered Innodisk and NVIDIA to develop a Smart Factory Solution that uses NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories workflows. Aetina envisions applications for its new edge AI tech AI across diverse vertical markets through its integrated solutions.

To help build a robust ecosystem, Aetina has launched a service entitled “Pro-AI” that integrates AI hardware, software, various platforms, and structures. Within the new service, features include customisation, cognition, connection, and collaboration. The Pro-AI features have already been employed within Aetina, helping double its business performance and accumulated over 600 AI application cases in recent years. The support the launch of the new service, Aetina has expanded its branches in the Americas, Asia, and Europe to provide optimised customer service.

Randy Chien, Chairman of Aetina and Innodisk, said “Aetina stands at the forefront of Innodisk Group’s AI initiatives. With the backing of Innodisk’s extensive resources and collective experiences from thousands of global clients, Aetina is committed to implementing intelligence at the edge for real-world scenarios.”

Joe Lo, General Manager of Aetina said “Considering that AI applications often involve complex architectures and a wide range of hardware, software, and services, Aetina not only leverages group synergies but strengthens the ecosystem with our partners to develop solutions for diverse AI application scenarios, such as in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and more.”