1NCE launches in Japan with SoftBank

  • November 1, 2022
  • William Payne

Cellular IoT provider 1NCE has launched a service in Japan in partnership with Japanese telecom operator SoftBank Corporation, part of the Softbank Group. The service is being offered at a prepaid rate of 2,200 yen per line for ten years.

SoftBank is describing the IoT line price offering, which equates to around US $15, as an “overwhelmingly low rate”.

In June, SoftBank expanded its equity holding in German IoT operator 1NCE in return for exclusive distribution rights in the Asia Pacific region.

SoftBank will market 1NCE low cost IoT services to nineteen countries across the Asia Pacific region. In addition to Japan, these also include Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

The 1NCE service being marketed by SoftBank provides up to 500MB and is aimed at low capacity use cases such as building and factory equipment management, logistics tracking, smart meters, and consumer electronics.

Under the service agreement, users can use up to 500MB for up to 10 years with a lump sum payment of 2,200 yen (tax included) per line (prepaid type). Users make their online purchase from one SIM card.

In addition to Japan, roaming services can be used in over 140 countries and regions without additional charges. The service also includes functions such as a web-based line management tool (CMP), an API that enables data linkage with the customer’s system, and an Open VPN that securely transmits data can be used at no additional charge.

Functions such as eSIM and IPSec-VPN (a high-security network that interconnects LANs at each location) are provided as additional paid options.