Wello helps post-Covid-19 return to work

  • July 28, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson
Wello Return To Work Self-Assessment Tool (CNW Group/Wello)

In response to client requests for expanded support, Canadian telemedicine provider Wello has developed an integrated self-screening and reporting protocol to help manage the risk of bringing Covid-19 into the workplace.
Called Return to Workplace, the online tool provides companies with accurate, real-time data on the eligibility of their workforce to return to the physical workplace safely. While businesses cannot fully mitigate the risk of Covid-19 in workplaces, business leaders who require employees to be physically present are given confidence that employees are being supported and directed in taking the necessary steps to provide a protected space.
In alignment with all Canadian provincial and territorial public health guidelines, employees answer a three-part questionnaire in the tool to determine any presence of health risk. If an employee is not eligible to return, they are provided with access to clinical guidance on appropriate next steps and offered the necessary follow-up support to navigate what may feel like a daunting process.
“Businesses can play a role in reducing the spread of Covid-19 by conducting daily fit-for-work screening of employees before entering their physical workplaces,” said Wendy Smeltzer, national medical director at Wello. “This simple strategy can make a difference and give employees and customers reassurance and confidence that their health and safety are valued and protected.”
As all remain focused on reducing the spread of the coronavirus, diligent screening, risk management and mental well-being are top priorities. The Return to Workplace platform offers resources for both employers and employees so everyone can feel safer and more secure when they must be in a physical work environment. The platform is now available to all Canadian employers.
Wello provides anytime, anywhere virtual healthcare services available through phone and video visits as well as secure web chat. Backed by a 41-year history of providing healthcare through its parent company Inliv, Wello can be offered as part of a company’s health benefits for its employees.