Validic adds cellular devices to IoT health platform

  • April 4, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Validic, a North Carolina digital health and personalised care company, is expanding its healthcare IoT platform with the addition of cellular-enabled connected health devices from Florida-based Smart Meter.

This brings cellular-enabled, patient-friendly monitoring devices supplied by Smart Meter, a connected health supplier to a growing nationwide network of SmartPartners, to the Validic ecosystem.

Smart Meter’s proprietary, cellular, FDA-registered monitoring devices are connected to an AT&T 4G and 5G private data network to ensure an engaging patient experience for improved adherence. The devices help manage the most prevalent chronic conditions, including: blood glucose monitors for diabetes; blood pressure monitors for hypertension and other cardiac diseases; pulse oximeters for COPD, Covid-19 and other respiratory disorders; and weight scales for congestive heart failure and weight-related diseases.

“Our proprietary monitoring devices can only connect and transmit patient-generated data when connected to our private data network, ensuring reliable and secure delivery to Validic clients,” said Smart Meter chief marketing officer Bill Bassett. “And eliminating the need for patients to pair, sync or connect to wifi or an app on their phone may improve patient satisfaction and increase the use of their monitoring devices.”

Validic’s health IoT platform is an ecosystem of connected health devices and apps, which streams continuous, near-real-time personal health data from more than 540 home health and wearable devices. Organisations can access blood pressure, pulse oxygen, blood glucose, heart rate, weight, temperature, sleep, nutrition, respiratory, activity data and more through a single, endpoint connection.

“Technology should be so easy to use that it becomes invisible to the person using it,” said Validic CEO Drew Schiller. “The addition of Smart Meter cellular-enabled health monitoring devices to our ecosystem offers another option to help people focus on their health and live their best lives.”

Founded in 2010, Validic is a digital health and personalised care company with a health IoT platform and EHR-embedded remote care application. Healthcare providers, health plans and health IT companies, such as Mass General Brigham, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, CVS Health and Elevance Health, use its technology to deliver high-touch and personalised chronic condition management, remote care and support for healthy living. There have been more than 300,000 enrolled patients since its inception and 7000 referring providers.

Smart Meter is a supplier of remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology to a nationwide network of SmartPartners. Millions of vital health data readings are delivered across its secure platform so SmartPartners can provide real-time, better-informed health care. The proprietary, patient-friendly, cellular, FDA-registered monitoring devices are connected to an AT&T 4G and 5G private data network.