trinamiX launches phone-based spectroscopy

  • November 28, 2023
  • William Payne

German developer of biometric and mobile spectroscopy trinamiX has launched a Consumer Spectroscopy solution running on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The solution is the world’s first NIR spectrometer integrated in a smartphone reference design, covering the wavelength range from 1-3µm.

The new smartphone based spectrometer makes previously “invisible” indicators of health visible through consumers’ personal mobile devices.

The technology builds on NIR spectroscopy to provide users with non-invasive biomarker measurements on their skin. Combining a proprietary spectroscopy module, smart algorithms, and a user-friendly app, the smartphone lets users monitor selected aspects of their health independently.

Applications for NIR include blood sugar monitoring, pulse oximetry, sports training, and medical rehabilitation, as well as in more specialist areas such as neurology and neonatal research. There are also potential applications in industries such as pharmaceutical, food and agrochemicals.

“trinamiX Consumer Spectroscopy promises to revolutionize the way we understand and evaluate our health, nutrition, and more,” said Wilfried Hermes, Director Consumer Electronics North America and Europe, trinamiX GmbH. “Think of this technology as a camera that sees what is invisible to the human eye. It integrates right into your mobile device for on-the-go readings, providing an accurate measurement of biomarkers such as hydration levels and thus allowing users to track vital health indicators. This technology will serve as a foundation for the next generation of apps that will enable consumers to take charge of their wellbeing and make informed decisions for a healthier lifestyle.”

“Our longstanding collaboration with trinamiX aligns strongly with our company’s commitment to delivering top-notch technology and innovative user experiences for our customers,” said Judd Heape, Vice President of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We’re thrilled to work with trinamiX to help deliver this never-before-seen innovation. The potential applications of this technology are significant, and we’re excited to be on the forefront of this new age of innovation in mobile computing.”