TPI app gamifies health and fitness

  • July 26, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Taiwanese companies First Life Insurance and TPI Software collaborated to build a health and fitness mobile app including a step tracker featuring gamification and interactivity with rewards.

Called Qwalker, it aims to turn exercise into fun and games by not only gamifying health habits but also safeguarding users’ everyday well-being.

First Life Insurance offers insurance services from health care coverage to retirement plans. In response to the increasing health consciousness, it launched the mobile app Qwalker with Australian Quokkas as the mascot to convey happiness, helping users stay healthy and have fun at the same time.

With a friendly user interface and member data integration, Qwalker tracks users’ all-day steps, walking kilometres and calories burned. It connects and syncs with Google Fit and Apple Health, providing users with not only access but also insight into health and well-being on the go. Qwalker also engages users with intriguing gamified experiences.

Users can earn Q Coins reward points if they complete daily tasks, which can be redeemed for various gifts and discounts. Through gamification, users are able to enjoy exercise with fun and reward. Moreover, Qwalker allows users to exercise safely and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The Covid-19 pandemic has passed the one-year mark, and significantly changed people’s daily life and exercise habits. The reduced frequency of going out and social distancing measures led to a growing trend of home-based exercises. As the pandemic continues, more and more people are taking up exercises at home. In response to the new norm, Qwalker can be used indoors as well.

“We have our customers’ best interests at heart, and that motivates us to build the Qwalker app,” said Robin Lin, CEO of First Life Insurance. “The collaboration with TPI Software will definitely enhance our interaction and connection with the insured, and we will continue to launch more high-quality functions and exclusive activities in the future to encourage users to stay healthy and safe.”

This innovation and collaboration mark a milestone for First Life Insurance and TPI Software. Different from traditional ways of selling insurance plans, the creation of Qwalker is driving a change to the insurance ecosystem with a focus on customer experience and engagement.

Digital transformation trends are making moves in the insurance sector, and the growing health consciousness and digital adoption as a result of the pandemic have fuelled a life towards smart technology. First Life and TPI have embarked on this diverse applications of smart health, and personalised strategic approaches. Custom push notification of healthcare news and services will be adopted in the near future.

In addition, the use of gamification serves as not only an incentive to motivate users to exercise more, but also a strategy to boost customer loyalty and adhesion. The interactive and dynamic user experiences stimulate users’ involvement, and the rewards mechanism increases upselling and cross-selling.

“TPI Software has been dedicated to accelerating enterprise digital transformation,” said Ben Yao, CEO of TPI Software. “The pandemic has sped up the trend of digital transformation and smart health, and TPI Software has demonstrated the competitive edge of smart health expertise. We are honoured to build the Qwalker in collaboration with First Life Insurance and raise people’s health awareness together. We look forward to providing more health management services with digital technology in the future, and bringing users diverse and comprehensive customer experiences.”

TPI Software is a software provider with a focus on API management, AI chatbots, fintech, digital banking and insurance. It also provides customised finance, life insurance, communications and technology domestically and overseas.

Founded in 2008 under First Financial Holding, First Life Insurance provides insurance plans ranging from health care coverage to retirement plans. It helps users map out a future where both financial wealth and wealth of mind await.