Theranica migraine wearable available on Cove

  • March 10, 2020
  • imc
Nerivio, applied to the upper arm when a migraine begins, uses electrical signals to inhibit incoming pain messages to the brain. Treatment intensity is controlled via the Nerivio app. For best results, Nerivio should be worn for 45 minutes.

Theranica Bioelectronics, an Israeli bio-medical technology company, has announced availability of Nerivio, an FDA-authorised prescribed wearable for acute treatment of migraine, on New York-based Cove’s telemedicine platform.

Before becoming available on Cove, Nervio could only be accessed in the USA’s leading headache clinics, located in limited geographic areas. Rather than waiting weeks or months to get an appointment at these in-demand facilities, Cove offers migraine sufferers immediate access to this potentially life-changing treatment.

The smartphone-controlled wearable device is the first drug-free migraine therapy to be made available on Cove. As a non-invasive treatment option for acute migraine, Nerivio is being offered on Cove’s platform alongside a broad range of preventive and acute migraine treatments. The digital platform connects individuals with physicians to provide easy access to specialised migraine care.

According to a recent article in the Journal of Headache & Pain, Nerivio users reported comparable relief from migraines compared with acute pharmacological options.

“Cove is dedicated to providing effective, specialised care to migraine sufferers via our telemedicine services and our on-going care management,” said Caroline Hofmann, Cove’s general manager. “We see Nerivio as an ideal addition to our platform, due to its intuitive and comfortable design, evidence-based efficacy and easy operation from a patient’s smartphone. We are excited to add this innovative acute migraine treatment option for migraine sufferers across the nation.”

The announcement follows a recent study published in Neurology that found telemedicine non-inferior to in-person evaluation for neurological disorders, as measured by both patient and caregiver satisfaction. The study included evidence that telemedicine provides benefits of reduced costs, increased access and improved outcomes.

“It often takes time for patients with migraine to find an effective treatment plan,” said Robert Cowan, professor of neurology at Stanford University. “By offering a variety of effective and affordable treatment options, combined with an online healthcare professional consultation service that can be accessed from home, we significantly accelerate the journey to relief and improved health outcomes. Clinically proven neuromodulation devices are crucial for helping patients who may be sensitive to side-effects presented by pharmacological options, or for those seeking a drug-free approach.”

Cove is a full-service healthcare company that offers personalised treatment for migraine sufferers. Cove aims to empower migraine sufferers by providing direct access to affordable migraine care, personalised to each user and their needs. In addition to Nerivio, Cove offers acute pain relief medications, preventative medications, anti-nausea medications and clinically proven supplements.

“For those living with migraine, quick access to relief is a top priority and we are proud to partner with Cove to bring the benefits of Nerivio to more patients,” said Theranica co-founder and CEO Alon Ironi. “Cove’s service is designed to bring migraine relief to those in need simply and swiftly, and this partnership aligns with our mission of making digital health therapies both affordable and accessible.”

Nerivio is the first FDA-cleared smartphone-controlled prescription wearable device for acute migraine treatment.