Telit helps RGF dispense pills for seniors

  • July 28, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Italian company RGF Diagnostics is using Telit modules, SIMs, data plans and IoT portal services for Mymemo, an automatic modular pill dispenser.
By ensuring they follow their prescriptions, Mymemo helps keep seniors and chronic patients in their homes, while addressing the growing global shortage of caregivers.
Most seniors are on multiple medications. By some estimates, up to half don’t follow their prescriptions for reasons such as forgetfulness. That takes a major toll on them, their loved ones and society. For example, inability to self-manage prescriptions is responsible for up to 23 per cent of nursing home admissions.
“Taking the right medication at the right time is critical for helping seniors live happy, healthy lives,” said Roee Dvir, RGF Diagnostics CEO. “With Telit as our partner, we’re empowering patients and caregivers throughout Europe and the USA.”
The Mymemo suite of products includes an automated pill dispenser, which uses light and sound to alert seniors when it’s time to take their medication. Each Mymemo supports up to four different medications, and the modular design allows three devices to be connected together to support up to 12 different types of pills or capsules.
Mymemo Center is a cloud-based platform that uses cellular and wifi to connect to each dispenser. Sensors inside alert caregivers when medications have not been taken and when they are running low to ensure patients never miss a dose. It also connects to a round-the-clock staff of medical professionals to provide patients and caregivers with health and technical support.
“Mymemo is a prime example of how innovative companies are leveraging IoT to transform everyday life,” said Giorgio Pizzagalli, RGF Diagnostics COO.
The dispenser uses the Telit xL865 module family and can also be equipped with a Telit wifi module when cellular is unavailable. This flexibility helps Mymemo serve the widest possible market and ensure reliable connectivity, such as deep inside buildings where cellular signals are unavailable.
RGF also uses Telit SimWise integrated, software-based SIMs. These eliminate the expense of sending a technician out to install or replace a SIM card in each dispenser so it can connect to the right mobile operator.
Telit’s Optimus service analyses the data usage to identify the most cost-effective rate plan, and then automatically applies it retroactively to increase savings. RGF also uses Telit’s IoT portal, a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that streamlines and centralises a wide variety of management tasks for Mymemo devices, applications, connectivity, security and more.
“Mymemo highlights how Telit provides those innovators with a comprehensive suite of hardware, software and services that minimises the cost of developing and delivering products,” said Martin Krona, senior vice president at Telit.