Software AG joins IMC to reach IoT business users

  • March 1, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Software AG, a provider of integrated software for the deployment of connected, remote devices, has joined the IoT M2M Council (IMC).

The IMC trade association has a membership comprised of 25,000 enterprise users and product makers that buy technology loosely described as the internet of things. With the move, Software AG expects to extend its thought leadership among one group in particular – executives with enterprise-wide responsibilities.

“A plurality of IMC’s rank-and-file membership is operations managers that are adopting IoT, so these are business people with problems to solve,” said Jon Weiss, Software AG’s vice president of emerging technologies, who will sit on the IMC board of governors. “Software AG’s technology suite is designed to eliminate data silos from app to edge and empower exactly these people to go out and create transformative business models.”

The IMC’s adopter members cover 27 vertical markets from manufacturing to healthcare providers, and they are dispersed around the globe. Many are enterprise users managing supply change, but they also include product makers using communications technology, as well as apps developers and systems integrators. Software platforms are one of IMC adopters’ most highly sourced technology categories.

“We welcome Software AG to our group as a true leader in the IoT sector and we look forward to their input on a range of issues,” said Kim Bybjerg, IMC chairman and head of European business operations for Tata Communications. “Right now, our main focus is helping all of our board companies maintain thought leadership during the pandemic with our online events.”

The IMC has developed a complete schedule of online conferences for 2021, which are routinely drawing more than 1000 registrants, over 70% of whom will typically identify as IoT buyers. The IMC also organises exclusive events with the Consumer Electronics Show and Hannover Messe, the world’s largest consumer products and manufacturing exhibitions, respectively.

Germany-based Software AG continues to think about integration, initiate business transformation and enable rapid innovation for the IoT. It aims to give companies the freedom to connect and integrate any technology, from the app to the edge. The firm opens data silos and makes data divisible, usable and valuable, to help its customers make better decisions and unlock growth opportunities.

The IMC is the largest trade group dedicated to the global IoT and M2M sector with more than 25,000 IoT enterprise users, product makers and designers, and apps developers that buy IoT products as members. Board companies include 1NCE, Aeris, AVSystem, BeamLive, BICS, Digi International, Fractus Antenna,  iBasis, IoT Launch, Kore, Losant, Microsoft, MultiTech, NimbeLink, Pelion, Pod Group, Quectel, Software AG, Somos, Taoglas, Tata Communications, Telit, U-Blox and Vodafone.