Maxim ICs double battery life for healthcare IoT

  • March 2, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Designers can double the battery life with robust protection and high accuracy for IoT, industrial and healthcare applications with three analogue ICs from California-based Maxim Integrated.

The devices are the Max 41400 instrumentation amplifier, Max 40108 precision operational amplifier and Max 31343 real-time clock with integrated MEMS oscillator.

When designing IoT and battery-operated sensors, engineers must develop systems that provide longer battery life while accurately measuring real-world voltages, forces and pressures. Power budgets require these sensors to achieve precision on the first measurement, with little to no calibration.

Furthermore, industrial and IoT applications require these sensors to withstand extreme physical conditions of temperature, humidity and mechanical abuse.

The Max 41400 instrumentation amplifier is said to enhance sensor system accuracy by four times and extend battery life by 55 per cent compared with the closest competitive offering. It provides offset of 25µV, low noise and programmable gain with 65µA current consumption.

The Max 40108 is said to be the lowest-voltage precision operational amplifier in its class, operating with supplies as low as 0.9V. The combination of low operational supply voltage, lower power consumption and 25.5µA quiescent current allows engineers to double sensor battery life.

The Max 31343 I²C RTC with integrated MEMS oscillator provides timekeeping accuracy of ±5ppm, plus robust protection afforded by a MEMS resonator. With its integrated resonator, it eliminates crystal mechanical failures. The packaging scheme, developed by Maxim, makes this combination of size, accuracy and robustness possible.

“These three products represent the best in our Essential Analog offering,” said Vickram Vathulya, vice president at Maxim Integrated. “Maxim’s mission continues to be providing engineers the finest products to sense and interface with the analogue world. These provide superb accuracy and low power consumption for the most demanding sensor applications.”

All three come with multiple and small form factor package choices.

The Max X40108 doubles sensor battery life with 0.9V operation compared with devices at 1.8V. In battery-operated industrial sensors, it extends battery life from the existing 7.4 hours to 11.5 hours.

The Max 31343 provides accurate timing, guaranteeing less than three-minute deviation per year. It enhances sensor system accuracy by up to two effective bits with a combination of low offset, low noise and integrated programmable gain.

Along with its NanoPower and high accuracy features, the Max 31343 also provides shock resistance of more than 2900G and vibration resistance of more than 50G.

“The growth of industrial and healthcare IoT applications is driving a growing need for enhanced battery life management and accuracy of measurement to support reduction of power consumption and availability of devices,” said Adam Davidson, analyst at Omdia.

California-based Maxim Integrated has a portfolio of semiconductors combined with tools and support, targeting designers in applications such as automotive, communications, consumer, data centre, healthcare, industrial and IoT.