KORE simplifies remote healthcare data collection

  • November 2, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

KORE has launched connected health telemetry technology that simplifies remote data capture for healthcare and life sciences applications.

This should let remote patient monitoring, clinical drug trials and medical equipment diagnostics users adopt standardised data telemetry that is secure, regulatory compliant, scalable and cost effective.

Users can quickly incorporate the data telemetry component into their overall connected health offering, allowing their resources to focus on their primary business objective and value proposition.

“Orchestrating the data telemetry from patients, clinical trial participants, medical devices and sensors is challenging,” said Bryan Lubel, KORE’s EVP of connected health. “Most connected health providers are forced to develop their own telemetry, when in fact their real expertise is developing the analytics, workflow, care delivery optimisation and use of the data to improve patient care and outcomes. We believe this will accelerate the time-to-market and adoption of large-scale remote patient monitoring initiatives.”

Called CHTS, for connected health telemetry system, it is seen by KORE as the next evolutionary step for remote data capture and was developed in response to heightened demand for remote patient care and monitoring.

Over the past 24 months, the pandemic has emphasised the need for cost effective and efficient connected health monitoring. Remote patient monitoring service providers, provider networks, clinical research organisations (CROs) and medical device OEMs have been seeking ways to accelerate and scale their remote monitoring initiatives.

CHTS provides integrated device management, secure Bluetooth LE pairing of medical sensors with a cellular gateway, and secure data routing to a compliant temporary data repository that integrates connected health data into user applications. Now, companies can get help with hardware selection and validation, access to a suite of supported medical devices and sensors, Bluetooth LE pairing and device management at scale, network security that addresses cyber-security issues, and data telemetry as well as all regulatory and compliance controls.

In creating CHTS, KORE consulted with several healthcare and life sciences users to address the common problems and needs facing the industry. Actigraph, a clinical research community provider of medical-grade biometric monitoring technology, is in pilot with CHTS.

“The data telemetry component in healthcare and life sciences is complex, highly regulated and difficult to scale,” said Jeremy Wyatt, CEO of Actigraph. “In addition, the current economics can be a barrier to market growth. KORE’s CHTS will improve our ability to focus on helping our customers make better informed clinical decisions and alleviate the burden of managing the complex data telemetry challenge.”

KORE demonstrated CHTS at last week’s Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles.