Hawkeye develops smart mask to fight coronavirus

  • March 11, 2020
  • imc

California technology company Hawkeye Systems is working with a Taiwanese mask producer to develop a smart mask that can sense elevated temperature and presence of airborne pathogens in the battle against the coronavirus.
The hope is that the AI-powered smart masks will enable better decision support for first responders and others monitoring the Covid-19 crisis.
The company has entered an LoI with Arizona Asian Pacific Trade & Consulting, a protective mask company in Taiwan, to enable the rapid production of a customised smart mask to aid in the response to the coronavirus outbreak.
The smart mask will integrate with Hawkeye’s jointly developed in-depth camera, known as the Hawkeye N-Depth Body Camera, to bolster bio-surveillance by first responders and others monitoring and managing the global Covid-19 crisis.
To help generate better information and, in turn, more effective decision support during pandemics, bio-terrorist attacks and other potential bio outbreaks, Hawkeye is working to add smart functionality to current masks. The technology will work with existing masks as well, but the thought is that close integration with the manufacturer may bring more rapid innovation to the mask.
“The present Covid-19 situation throughout the world is obviously fluid and there are a lot of unknowns,” said Corby Marshall, CEO of Hawkeye. “We believe the application of this technology now with current best practices can help improve the data surrounding the crisis.”
The smart mask will provide four key elements:

  • Protection: The first line of defence for the wearer be it a consumer or first responder is protection from an airborne threat.
  • AI (artificial intelligence): The mask will be able to sense elevated temperature and presence of airborne pathogens.
  • Platform: Live stream and hybrid cloud storage and sync platform integrates back to a broader bio-surveillance deployment thereby creating a better understanding of what is happening and how extensive it is for government, military and first responders.
  • Mesh: A portable connected network, creating a highly versatile ad hoc system, which enables users to create wifi and or cellular connection on the fly in areas that do not support service.

The body camera is not just a camera but a platform that allows for interchangeable multi-camera sensors and optics, providing multi-field of view and specialty sensors such as infra-red, thermal imaging, snake tube, pinhole and camera sensor upgrade path. In addition, it includes an evidence management platform that preserves the chain of custody and flexible storage options that allow for the storage of video evidence on premise in the cloud, or both.

Hawkeye Systems is a Los Angeles-based imaging technology company developing products and services for military, police and the safety of civilians. The company is focused on developing optical imaging products and services to assist the military and police forces with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. It is led by US Military Academy (West Point) graduates, as well as film and entertainment people. The company researches, designs and develops technology to protect and assist military, police officers and first responders while helping keep civilians safe from all threats both foreign and domestic.