Genesis MedTech opens innovation centre in China

  • November 21, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Singapore-based Genesis MedTech has unveiled its medtech campus in Wuxi, China, to bring innovation and R&D to a new level of integration with medical professionals.

The R&D and manufacturing facility spans 135,333m2 and has completed its first phase of development, featuring innovation, R&D and manufacturing centres.

The innovation centre provides an open educational platform to foster deeper engagement and interaction between Genesis MedTech and medical professionals. It provides medical professionals access to clinical training on the latest medtech innovations, covering multiple disease fields, such as minimally invasive surgery, vascular interventions and structural heart disease.

The training facilities within the innovation centre provide education and hands-on experience, recreating real-life clinical situations for healthcare practitioners to understand and familiarise themselves with the latest medical devices.

The R&D and manufacturing centres develop and make medical devices, focusing on medtech devices for minimally invasive surgery and vascular interventions. Pilot manufacturing started in September 2022 and is scheduled for full-scale production during the first half of next year. It is expected to reach industrial-scale production levels with an output value of over RMB10bn in three to five years.

“We are trying to play an integral role in medtech innovation that will revolutionise how medtech development is intimately integrated with the practical needs of medical professionals,” said Warren Wang, CEO of Genesis MedTech. “Through training and exchanges, we can better understand clinical needs, stimulate technological innovation and expand product development. The campus will be an ultramodern nexus for R&D, manufacturing, training and exchange, providing our R&D teams and global experts with an open platform to explore innovations from ground zero, becoming an exploration and production centre for new technologies and products.”

Genesis MedTech is a medical device company headquartered in Singapore. Founded by a group of professionals and entrepreneurs with medtech experience globally and in Asia, the company’s portfolio focuses on multi-therapy medical device products for emerging markets with sales and distribution through its established commercial network. The group covers the entire industry value chain of research and development, production, quality management, supply chain, marketing, and sales.