Gatorade GX Adds Intelligent Sweat Patch

  • April 4, 2024
  • Joyce Deuley

As part of its GX intelligent hydration and fitness offerings, Gatorade has released its smart patch, the GX Sweat Patch, to measure hydration levels and more.

Recommended to be worn in within specific ambient temperature ranges and for durations between 20-minute to 2-hour workouts, the Sweat Patch detects how much a user sweats and what minerals may be lost during the activity period. This information gets uploaded via the GX App and works in tandem with the Smart GX Bottle to offer personalized hydration recommendations.

For efficacy, the user must clean and dry the location where the Sweat Patch would go, then proceed to workout in such a way to produce copious amounts of sweat. As sweat accumulates on the skin, there’s a color-change effect on the patch that indicates when it’s saturated. A user then takes an image via the GX App to get results and better understand how much they sweat and what minerals may have been lost in the process.

It seems that Gatorade is building a suite of intelligent fitness devices to produce personalized trainings, nutrition, and hydration plans to users. The Sweat Patch was announced early March and the US $7.50/each Sweat Patch is already sold out on the company website. It wouldn’t be surprising to see other fitness brands follow suit.