Eye tracker opens iPad to people with communication needs

  • February 11, 2020
  • imc

Inclusive Technology has launched Skyle, an eye tracker for Apple’s iPad Pro to help people with complex access and communication needs.
Skyle is suitable for combining two learning tools, iPad and Eye Gaze, to create an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device.
Using eye-tracking technology, users can interact with their iPad Pro using a variety of different iPad apps, thereby increasing opportunities for access, communication, environmental control and overall independence. 
By using eye tracking, users can access AAC apps such Proloquo2Go, GoTalk Now and TouchChat to express themselves. Furthermore, features such as the Skyle’s anti-reflective coating, protective case with built-in mounting plate and the lightweight design improve flexibility to communicate wherever they go.
Skyle can serve as a home hub by enabling control over appliances in the home or school. By downloading an environmental control app, such as EnvirOn, users can control a range of compatible appliances from their iPads. This can include infra-red products such as TVs and music systems, or mains-controlled lamps, fans, kitchen appliances, or door and window openers.
Skyle goes beyond being just an AAC method because it opens up the power of the Apple App Store, enabling a choice of millions of iOs apps that now have the option of being accessed independently using only eye gaze. This means users of Skyle will be able to communicate with friends and family using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and messaging apps such as WhatsApp. They can also make video calls using apps such as FaceTime and Skype.
Skyle also offers the opportunity to watch videos, surf the web, play games and more, all by using only the eyes.
UK firm Inclusive Technology provides for special educational needs. From eye gaze, virtual reality and communication technology through to switch access, software and assistive technology, it provides products to help students communicate, learn and play.