Diagnostics as a Service for Home Healthcare

  • September 26, 2022
  • William Payne

California based Innovative Health Diagnostics has launched a Diagnostics as a Service (DaaS) platform to support primary healthcare providers expand their at-home healthcare services.

The DaaS platform is aimed at healthcare providers such as fertility clinics, OBGYNs, primary care providers and pharmacies. The platform provides consumers with over 70 different at-home tests, from infectious disease and wellness to women’s and men’s health.

The platform is designed to bridge the gap between digital health services and diagnostics. According to IHD, it creates a more complete customer experience with emphasis on fast turnaround times, actionable results, and customer service provided by IHD.

“Our DaaS platform furthers our mission of providing a better experience across medication, treatment and overall understanding of personal health,” said IHD CEO and Co-Founder David White. “By offering at-home testing, digital health and healthcare entities can significantly increase access to wider customer segments, whether it be additional geographies, opening new prescriptions, or extending to new market segments.”