Cylera and Integra enhance healthcare IoT security

  • February 5, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

New York-based Cylera is working with UK firm Integra e-Quip to enhance healthcare cyber defences and IoT asset management.

Cylera specialises in healthcare IoT asset intelligence and security. It has formed a partnership with Integra e-Quip, a provider of computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS), in a move that should streamline cyber-security protection and asset management for internet of medical things (IoMT) and IoT environments in healthcare organisations.

According to a recently published KnowBe4 report (, the UK and Ireland’s healthcare sectors are the third most frequently targeted group by cyber criminals, with a 74% increase in 2022 compared with the year before. Earlier findings revealed how UK healthcare providers experience an average of 785 attacks per week, with a study by Healthcare Cybersecurity Year in Review ( stating how one healthcare and public health breach costs over £90m.

The Cylera and Integra e-Quip alliance combines the strength of both companies to bring interconnected hospital and healthcare environments an integrated asset management and centralised cyber-security system for continuous visibility with granular device data, accurate risk profiling, comprehensive inventory and extensive threat mitigation.

Users of e-Quip with Cylera can now gain automated discovery, classification and inventory management for all their connected IoMT assets. The integrated approach, using passive vulnerability detection technologies, avoids jeopardising device uptime or clinical continuity, while achieving accurate risk analysis of their connected medical devices to reduce the time and resources needed to maintain secure and compliant care delivery.

“We’re excited to partner with Integra e-Quip to bring a unique and highly automated combination of CMMS and IoT security to the UK healthcare sector,” said Steve Brigden from Cylera ( “Through our joint efforts, the hundreds of healthcare providers we both currently support will be able to actively oversee their connected medical devices, spot potential risks and implement preventions to support the safety of patients. Together, we’re transforming the approach to IoT security in the field of healthcare, making proactive defence possible.”

Dal Jdali, CEO at Integra e-Quip (, added: “For over ten years, Integra e-Quip has been working with many of the UK’s largest NHS trusts and we’ve remained committed to equipping healthcare organisations with cutting-edge and effective CMMS ever since. Our collaboration with Cylera underscores our dedication to supplying top-tier device management, vendor monitoring and preventative maintenance. By incorporating IoT security from Cylera into our services, we are empowering our customers to reach unprecedented heights in operational performance and protection.”