Cognizant and Google create healthcare LLMs

  • August 14, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

New Jersey-based Cognizant is building on Google Cloud’s generative AI technology to create large language models (LLMs) for healthcare.

Expanding a partnership announced in May, the programme’s initial focus will be on transforming administrative processes in areas such as appeals and grievances, and member and patient engagement.

This broad-based initiative will use the combined capabilities of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, along with Cognizant’s AI domain expertise and healthcare industry-focused knowledge, processes and experience.

“Together, Cognizant and Google Cloud are moving beyond highly publicised content generation applications of generative AI to build enterprise healthcare options that drive significant cost optimisation, business efficiencies and better experience,” said Ravi Kumar, CEO of Cognizant. “We’re excited to be working closely with Google Cloud to realise the potential this new technology offers and demonstrate its business value for healthcare clients.”

Healthcare administrative tasks are often highly complex, requiring human experts to interpret and manage information across provider, patient and administrative users. LLMs can simplify this process, leading to reduced manual workloads, improved accuracy and lower costs. For example, LLMs can automate the time-consuming process of turning legal contracts into clear payment rules, enabling payment specialists to focus on accuracy and contract nuance, and delivering consistent outcomes more quickly.

“Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities are helping healthcare organisations set a new standard for operations,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “Our expanded partnership with Cognizant gives our mutual healthcare customers a range of technologies to help them transform in ways that were not possible before.”

Cognizant and Google Cloud are committed to privacy and security, backed by Cognizant’s AI principles, and Google Cloud’s AI approach, data governance and privacy standards. Access and use of data are protected through Google Cloud’s infrastructure and secure data storage that supports Hipaa compliance, and each customer’s security, privacy controls and processes.