Capti smart fitness bike takes riders on adventures

  • October 19, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Capti, part of California-based Interactive Fitness Holdings, has launched a smart games-led fitness bike that delivers adventure, exploration and discovery through virtual worlds.

Interactive Fitness Holdings made the first connected fitness bike 15 years ago, Expresso. With over three million registered riders, Expresso Fitness has pioneered the gaming experience for the commercial market, with 100 million workouts logged.

Now, the company is bringing its fitness experience to the home with Capti, due to ship in early December.

Unlike other at-home fitness machines, Capti delivers two bikes in one. With patent-pending Smart Ride technology, the bike morphs from a road bike with dynamic steering, shifting and terrain adaptive resistance to a studio bike with locked handlebars and fixed pedals. It has mirrored what it is like to ride a bike outside with its Terrain Adaptive Resistance, which causes the bike to interact with the environment users ride through to simulate real-life riding.

The smart bike reads and reacts to users’ rides 50 times per second, dynamically adjusting to each ride while immersive content brings back the joy and freedom of riding a bike.

“The growing convergence of gaming and fitness shows that consumers are looking for fun and engaging ways to level up their workouts,” said Jeff Veldhuizen, CEO of Capti. “With traditional connected fitness devices, users are fully aware that they are taking a workout class, making exercise feel like a chore. The beauty of Capti is that it gets you fit by accident. Users can opt to ride through snow-capped mountains, or play fun coin capturing games. Capti makes fitness feel like play for the modern fitness household.”

Using the Unreal Engine from Epic Games, Capti’s content platform delivers 3D video game-level graphics that pull users in. The bike features 50 maps, 6km of elevation, and more than 560km of graphics with new content added regularly. For those who crave variety in their fitness routines, Capti also includes a multitude of workout styles, such as virtual cycling, HIIT games, heart rate training and studio cycling classes.

Capti will retail for $3495 and is available now for an introductory price of $2495. The monthly subscription cost is $34 per month. White glove delivery is available across the USA.

Capti’s workouts are individual-led, game-inspired, and community-driven. With dynamic steering and patent-pending technology, the smart bike automatically adjusts to the terrain users ride through.