Bellabeat smart bracelet tracks women’s health

  • October 4, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based Bellabeat has launched Ivy, a smart bracelet health tracker created for women.

Ivy is engineered for the female body with proprietary app algorithms, taking anatomic, mental and physiological elements into account. The device tracks vital health data, lifestyle habits and cycles, providing tips to guide women to know their bodies better and realise optimal wellness.

Bellabeat is a women-led wellness tech brand, spearheading modern daily health management through trackers that blend fashion with function. The company’s mission is to empower women with resources to discover themselves via analysed health data that are communicated simply and transparently.

Ivy is the successor to the Bellabeat Leaf, the company’s first smart jewellery product, which has sold more than two million units to date.

Ivy monitors health day and night for women, filtering collected data through the app into a visual dashboard, presenting two types of results: a readiness score for monitored health data, and a wellness score for monitored lifestyle data. Readiness provides insights into how the body is responding to exercise, work, sleep, running errands, parenting and more. Wellness traces daily habits such as activity, sleep, hydration and mindfulness, as well as active and resting heart rate, and how they are impacting body and mind.

A third core category logs menstrual cycle, mood, symptoms and more so women are always in the know when it comes to their cycle.

The smart bracelet provides round-the-clock support and analytics for its users. It is water-resistant, fits any outfit, and is designed to be worn at all times, with up to eight days of battery life. With upgrades and technology, the bracelet still manages to be 30 per cent lighter than its predecessor, the Leaf.

The intelligent wristband seamlessly syncs to the Bellabeat app, which reads information from the Ivy device and translates it into data that can help women improve specific aspects of their daily routines. Users are able to see a detailed breakdown of their health and discover areas needing improvement in a newly developed mobile app.

With Ivy, women automatically receive a complementary Bellabeat Premium membership that works as a personal guide, based on expert support. The membership incorporates the woman’s monthly cycle as an umbrella for its insights and recommendations, closely tracking the period cycle to provide personalised holistic wellness content.

“Ivy is named for the evergreen plant that represents eternity, fidelity and lasting friendship,” said Urska Srsen, Bellabeat CCO. “Like its namesake, the smart jewellery piece consistently looks out for women in a way that they can trust and put their faith into.”

Bellabeat Ivy retails for $250and is available for delivery across the USA.

Bellabeat is a Silicon Valley company building tech-powered wellness products for women. The team believes in driving change in the space of women’s wellness, based on research and proven science done on women’s bodies and health.