Smart Energy News

Global news about connected technology for the smart grid and pipeline management.

  • Best Practices: management methods for monitoring/control and big data.
  • The Changing Energy Mix: new technology and alternative sources, including meter/terminal data management, tested cloud/SAAS solutions for energy, data structure & integration, emerging technology companies, and more.
  • Industry Events: latest projects, acquisitions, regulations, and more.

News Content Channels


Smart Energy News

News from the connected energy sector, from the smart grid to pipeline management.


Smart Logistics News

News from the connected supply chain, from the asset tracking to third-party shipping.


Connected Health News

News from the connected healthcare sector, from mHeallth and telemedicine to advances in medical devices.


Smart Cities News

News about smart public infrastructure, from emergency services to traffic control and public transportation.


Smart Retail News

News from the consumer and retail sectors, from connected point-of-sale to consumer wearables.


Smart Building & ConstructioncNews

News from the building sector, from energy control to physical security.


Connected Industries News

News from the manufacturing and fabrication sectors, from process control to backbone software integration.


Connected Transportation News

News from the transportation sector, from the connected car to aviation.


IoT Newsdesk

News about the horizontal technology layer referred to as the Internet of Things, from connectivity to hardware to software.