Summer IoT Days: Transforming Technology Focus

Date June 15, 2022 - June 16, 2022
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Spotlight: Telematics as a Way to Improve Customer Service

Presented by Gurtam

Track 2: Next-Gen Connectivity – LP-WAN Networks and LEO Satellites Lead

National LP-WAN networks that provide low-cost connectivity with limited bandwidth and LEO satellites that offer ubiquitous coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional satellites are changing the way we think about IoT applications. To cite just one example, asset-tracking may never be the same, as supply chains can track commodity goods in ways once reserved for only high-value product.

Track 3: Public Policy Taking Shape for IoT Security

New technologies like Public Key Infrastructure and trusted environments have become popular ways to combat hacking and the misuse of data generated in IoT applications. These technologies combine maximum performance with maximum safety and it should not be long before government regulators become aware of their usefulness – making them standard in critical public infrastructure.