IoT Week @ CES – An Online Preview

Date December 2, 2021

Event Detail

A preview of the latest and greatest technologies and use-cases for IoT solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2022 will be produced by the IoT M2M Council (IMC) in an online format in November of this year. The event will feature conference tracks covering main themes of the show, and feature panel discussions and spotlight presentations from leading IoT sector experts.

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IoT Week @ CES Topics:

Keynote: CES 2022 Preview & Market Trends in Connected Consumer Technology
Karen Chupka, EVP CES, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

Track 1: IoT in Consumer Automotive: Forbes predicts an 8% rise in US auto sales in ’21, as personal mobility preferences overtake shared transport post-covid.

  • Effects of 5G: how better connectivity changes everything
  • New Business Models: non-ownership (subscription) models, incremental revenue/payment for new driver assistance services
  • New Features: health/wellness, predictive maintenance, OTA provisioning
  • Electric Vehicles: dedicated IoT platforms, Fuel-Cell vs. Battery

Track 2: IoT in the Smart City: IEEE survey shows that more than half of municipal CIO’s in the US updated during 2020 with cloud, 5G, and AI services/applications.

  • Fixing the Digital Divide: improving access to digital services with new, alternative connectivity, such as unused spectrum and low-orbit satellites
  • Monitoring Everything: physical infrastructure maintenance, transportation/parking, lighting, waster/water, emergency response
  • The CIO vs. Public Works: will physical infrastructure projects make more use of IoT resources than the municipal IT department?
  • City/Government Security: protecting the various grids



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