IoT Days Summer – Sustainability, Healthcare, Public Infrastructure

Date June 28, 2023 - June 29, 2023

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How will the IoT help save the planet? This online event will focus on ways in which connected technology is helping drive developments ins sustainability, healthcare, and public infrastructure. Special emphasis will be on the management of public grids, from electric utilities to waste/water to roads and ports. Extensive use-cases will be provided.

DAY 1 – Wednesday June 28

Panel 1 – Healthcare IoT Brings Patient Outcomes

Some analysts project the use of IoT technology in healthcare to more than double by 2028, to close to $300 billion annually. This session will examine the latest in healthcare trends that are improving patient outcomes and are driven by device connectivity. Remote patient monitoring, connected medical devices, the use of electronic records, and even AI are already transforming the healthcare landscape. This conference track will provide the latest IoT use-cases in healthcare.

DAY 2 – Thursday June 29

Panel 2 – Why the World Needs IoT

Exponential growth in the need for energy and materials to stave off climate change, reduce hunger, and otherwise ensure a quality of life will drive innovation around the globe. IoT will act as both a cause and a catalyst for these innovations. The technology is now bringing results in energy management, resource conservation, waste management, air quality monitoring, and smart agriculture. This conference track will provide the latest IoT use-cases in ESG platforms.

Panel 3 – IoT: The Key to Intelligent Infrastructure

The digitalization of physical infrastructure – roads, bridges, public transportation, grid, buildings and more – enables the infrastructure to be operated and maintained more efficiently and effectively. Equally important, the digitalization of infrastructure supports new applications such as intelligent traffic management, autonomous transportation, distributed energy resource management, urban electrification, and others. With trillions in government spending over the next few years, both in the US and Europe, new opportunities will be created for the mass deployment of IoT sensors and applications. This conference track will provide the latest IoT use-cases in intelligent infrastructure management.

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