IoT Days Fall – Connectivity: Convergence, iSIM, Flat-Rate Connectivity

Date October 11, 2023 - October 12, 2023

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There’s a world of developments in IoT connectivity – 5G, satellite, and low-power connections are converging, we may be witnessing the end of the SIM card, and flat-rate programs are driving a lot of IoT applications. This online event will feature panel discussions on these topics and much more!

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DAY 1 – Wednesday, Oct 11

From SIM to iSIM: Shaping Connectivity for a New Era

Delve into the revolutionary concept of iSIM (Integrated Subscriber Identity Module) and its impact on embedded design. Explore how iSIM technology eliminates the need for a physical SIM card, enabling smaller form factors and enhanced flexibility in designing connected devices. Discover the potential of iSIM in revolutionizing industries such as IoT, wearables, and automotive, and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities it presents for embedded designers.

Spotlight: Empowering Connectivity: the Evolution of IoT Device Management
Convergence: 5G, Satellite, Low-Power

Explore the power of convergence in the realm of IoT embedded systems as 5G, satellite technology, and low-power solutions converge to revolutionize connectivity. Discover how the fusion of these technologies unlocks unprecedented possibilities for seamless, ubiquitous connectivity in smart cities, industrial automation, and beyond. Join us as we delve into the synergistic potential of this convergence and its impact on shaping the future of IoT ecosystems.

Spotlight: Securing IoT Devices with PKI and Certificates

With increased connectivity comes new opportunities for security vulnerabilities. No matter the industry, security is paramount, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. If you are required to meet standards like the Cyber Resilience Act and NIS 2 in the EU, the Telecommunications Security Act in the UK, and FIPS 140-3 and other standards from NIST in the US, you can utilize the power and flexibility of PKI and certificates to ensure safety on your IoT devices and the networks on which they communicate. In this session, Keyfactor will discuss how PKI and signing solutions can be easily integrated into your product development lifecycle, no matter your security experience level.

Spotlight: Digital Enterprise: Wireless Technology Convergence

DAY 2 – Thursday, Oct 12

Flat-Rate Connectivity Plans for Embedded IoT Solutions

Join us for an enlightening session as we delve into the revolutionary world of Flat-Rate Connectivity Plans for IoT Solutions. Discover how this groundbreaking approach eliminates unpredictable data costs, allowing seamless and affordable connectivity for IoT devices across industries. Explore the potential of this transformative model to enhance efficiency, scalability, and innovation in the IoT ecosystem, empowering businesses to fully unlock the potential of their embedded devices.

Spotlight: Antennas First: Don’t risk IoT Project failure

Take a fresh look at the critical role of antennas in the success of an IoT project.

From battery life to device size over mounting and certification requirements, antennas play a defining role. However they are often considered late in the design cycle. New innovative off-the shelf Virtual Antenna® components combined with a powerful AI/ML driven development tool simplifies the process for all (even those without RF expertise.)

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