Industrial IoT Online Summit

Date April 22, 2020 - April 23, 2020

Event Detail

The two-day, online Industrial Internet of Things Conference for enterprise users, product makers/designers, and apps developers that buy IIoT technology. Each day will include five hours of programming, including keynote addresses, invited speakers, and 30-min workshops. And of course, registered attendees can access presented materials on-demand for six months.

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Morning – Industrial Network Connectivity

Track will cover the very latest in developments for device connectivity in an industrial context, including the advent of private LTE networks and the universal SIM card. The track will also will offer insights on connectivity choices for IIoT – from low-cost options like LP-WAN or NB-IoT to 5G for high-end applications. This track will also include a special session on COVID-19 and IoT.

10:00 – Keynote: Digital Platforms, Global Connectivity & Industrial Transformation
Romil Bahl, CEO, KORE

10:45 – Private LTE Networks for Industry
Alistair Elliott, CEO Solutions, Pod Group

11:15 – Sourcing IoT Connectivity: LPWAN to 5G
Ajay Joseph, CTO, iBasis

11:45 – Challenges of eSIM Interoperability
Dejan Rasuo, Global Strategic IOT Alliances, Tata Communications

Benson Chan, Co-founder & Senior Partner, Strategy of Things
Renil Paramel, Co-founder & Senior Partner, Strategy of Things

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Afternoon – Edge Compute in the Factory Setting

Track will concentrate on how the explosion in edge computing power benefits the industrial user. Crucial analytics using data direct from the sensors and actuators can now be fed into higher-level ERP and CRM backbones. And the intelligence built into the edge is enabling revolutionary advances in AI and machine learning.

2:00 – Disrupting IIoT with Edge Intelligence
Fred Yentz, CEO IoT Platforms, Telit

2:30 – Analytics Fuel Data-AI-Action Loops
Matthias Roese, Chief Technologist, Manufacturing/Automotive/IoT, HPE

3:00 – How Edge Computing Will Revolutionize Smart Factories
Mike Hibbett, Solution Architect, Taoglas Next-Gen IoT

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Morning – Platforms and Clouds Manage Data

Software platforms and Cloud services s for IIoT are doing a lot more than manage devices and connectivity. Public and private data exchanges are incorporating data sources that are entirely outside IIoT deployments but can be used to manage the edge and more. At the same time, purpose built IIoT platforms are offering new benefits.

10:00 – Keynote: eSIM – A Disruptive Technology for Global IoT Deployment
Fernando Llobregat Baena, Head of IoT sales for Enterprise, BICS

10:45 – The Role of IoT Device Management in IIoT Deployments
William Yan, President Americas, AVSystem

11:15 – Connecting the Factory to the Value Chain
Ricardo Buranello, VP Factory Solutions, Telit

11:45 – Role of the Hybrid Cloud in IIoT
Thorsten Milsmann, Director of IoT, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Afternoon – IIoT in the Supply Chain

In the pandemic era, IIoT solutions are assuming a bigger role than ever before in assuring supply chain consistency. Connected devices are allowing for increased visibility, maximization of assets, improved collaboration, and improved customer service. Identifying bottlenecks earlier and administering assets have never been more important.

1:00 – Panel: The Rise of e-Mobility: Smart Energy Management
John Chambers, VP, EMEA Sales, KORE
Maarten Hektor, Managing Director, Involtum
Daas Bos, Demand Manager IoT, Stedin

2:00 – Supply Chain Before/After Manufacture
Kim Bybjerg, VP IoT & Mobility Solutions, Tata Communications

2:30 – IIoT Hardware in the Supply Chain
Sara Brown, VP Marketing, MultiTech

3:00 – Remote or in-transit, Capturing real-time intelligence
David Houghton, GM Asset Tracking Business, NimbeLink
David Gustafson, President, SMART Logistics

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