Government IoT Funding: Merging Physical and Digital Infrastructure

Date March 31, 2022

Event Detail

Maintaining physical infrastructure is a key function of government and represents huge opportunities for modernization and digitalization. As countries around the globe transition to the “new normal,” governments are investing heavily in infrastructure modernization to jump start the economy – with the US just having passed a trillion-dollar infrastructure package. This session will cover how these funds are likely to be deployed – be it roads & bridges, public transportation, healthcare, emergency response, or elsewhere – as well as which IoT technologies are likely to come into play.

Summary of Broadband Funding Opportunities

Moderator: Renil Paramel, CEO & Co-Founder, Strategy of Things


  • Bob Gaines, Executive Vice President & Director, Smith Dawson & Andrews (SDA)
  • Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO, Aeris Communications
  • Grant Seiffert, Principal & CEOGS Initiatives
  • Scott Tousley, Principal, Global Cities Teams Challenge

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