Global First Responders: FirstNet, ESN, Elsight and the Covid19 Implications on IoT

Date July 16, 2020
Time 11am ET

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First responders often face challenges communicating, collaborating and managing a coordinated response in the field. The emergence of COVID-19 has underscored the importance of building a full solution ecosystem that strengthens the resilience to pandemics.

Listen to experts from FirstNet, Built with AT&T and the UK’s Emergency Services Network discuss their perspectives and real-world experiences on well-designed, mission-critical solutions, including the importance of the underlying advanced technical features driving them and the case for strict certification requirements and how to navigate these processes.

Elsight COO Yoav Amitai will also be joining to show how their Halo platform, powered by Elsight technology, enables medical teams on the move or on the ground to communicate with command centers in real time. Elsight’s unique bonding technology is based on existing cellular network infrastructure. It offers the transmission of live video, audio and critical medical data to command centers, where doctors can evaluate and examine patients remotely.

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Kenneth Bednasz, VP Application Engineering, Telit

Kenneth Bednasz is the Vice President of Application Engineering for Telit and is responsible for the technical support and module certification for Telit’s products. Ken has been with Telit since 2006 and has been instrumental in leading innovative product introductions with North American network operators.

Ken has over 20 years of experience in the cellular industry. Prior to Telit, he worked for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and holds multiple patents and publications in the area of cellular communications. He earned a degree in electrical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.

Brandon Gallion, AT&T Associate Director Product Marketing, FirstNet Solutions, FirstNet Built with AT&T

Brandon has sixteen years of mobility, wired, and application experience supporting solutions for Police, Fire, EMS and other Public Safety and government organizations. Brandon is currently Associate Director of Product Marketing for the AT&T FirstNet Solutions Team.

Jeremy Kemp, Technical Lead, Devices, ESMCP

The Emergency Services Network (ESN) in Great Britain will provide first responders with a next generation public safety communications network based on Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) standards. Jeremy has performed a number of senior technical roles on the programme since its inception, and is currently the Technical Lead for devices, overseeing design, specification and delivery of handheld, vehicle and specialist devices for the new network. Over a 30-year career, Jeremy has worked on a number of large-scale transformation programmes for command, control and communications for first responders and other front-line services, in the UK and globally.

Yoav Amitai, COO, Elsight

Yoav Amitai, COO at Elsight, presenting extensive operations, technology and engineering management experience. Yoav is well-versed in product design, manufacturing, and creative engineering solutions. Yoav is one of the main engines driving Elsight’s technology to new horizons, with vast knowledge in the telecommunication and connectivity spheres.