IoT Week @ embedded world

Date April 9, 2024 - April 11, 2024
Location Nuremberg, Germany

Event Detail

IMC and embedded world have joined together in a new partnership to produce a connectivity pavilion as well as conference content, networking and press events. At embedded world Nuremberg, the IMC is hosting 4 discussion panels focusing on iSIM, convergence, modules and worldwide IoT compatibility.

In 2024, for the first time, the show organizers will also organize an embedded world North America exhibition in Austin (TX) USA, on October 8-10, with special invitations to attend going to all of the largest technology companies in the fast-growing Austin-to-San Antonio tech corridor. The IoT and embedded ecosystems are converging!

Discussion Panels at embedded world Nuremberg

Panel 1: iSIM in Embedded Design

Wednesday 10 April, 3:30 – 4:00 pm
Forum 3-561

Moderator:   Jim Morrish, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights


  • Jose Sanchez, Director of Product Marketing, IoT Services, Telit Cinterion
  • Marc Sauter, Head of IoT Product Management, Vodafone
  • Olaf Schneider, Domain Offering Manager, Giesecke+Devrient

Delve into the revolutionary concept of iSIM (Integrated Subscriber Identity Module) and its impact on embedded design. Explore how iSIM technology eliminates the need for a physical SIM card, enabling smaller form factors and enhanced flexibility in designing connected devices. Discover the potential of iSIM in revolutionizing industries such as IoT, wearables, and automotive, and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities it presents for embedded designers.


Panel 2: Convergence: 5G, Satellite, Low-Power

Wednesday 10 April, 4:00 – 4:30 pm
Forum 3-561

Moderator:   Robin Duke Woolley, CEO & Founder, Beecham Research


  • Ronil Bahl, President & CEO, KORE
  • Rick Somerton, CEO, eSAT Global
  • Jörg Wolf, Digital Consultant, A1 Digital

Explore the power of convergence in the realm of IoT embedded systems as 5G, satellite technology, and low-power solutions converge to revolutionize connectivity. Discover how the fusion of these technologies unlocks unprecedented possibilities for seamless, ubiquitous connectivity in smart cities, industrial automation, and beyond. Join us as we delve into the synergistic potential of this convergence and its impact on shaping the future of IoT ecosystems.


Panel 3: IoT Modem Reference Design or IoT SOC Modules Modem for Embedded Designers

Wednesday 10 April, 4:30-5:00 pm
Forum 3-561

Moderator:   Fred Yentz, CEO, IoT launch


  • Guillaume Crinon, Director, IoT Business Strategy, Keyfactor
  • Paul Marshall, Co-Founder & CCO, Eseye
  • Zeljko Maric, Product Development Manager, Quectel

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of two prominent options for embedded designers: the IoT Modem Reference Design and IoT SOC Modules. We’ll delve into the pros of the IoT Modem Reference Design, which offers flexibility, scalability, and customization, enabling designers to tailor their IoT solutions to specific requirements. Conversely, we’ll also discuss the benefits of IoT SOC Modules, such as simplified integration, reduced development time, and cost efficiency, making them an attractive choice for rapid deployment and prototyping projects.


Panel 4: Designing Embedded Systems for Worldwide IoT Compatibility

Thursday 11 April, 1:30 – 2:30pm
Exhibitor Forum hall 3A-631

Moderator:   Fred Yentz, CEO, IoT Launch


  • Rony Cohen, Co-founder & Head of Business Development, floLIVE
  • Aitor Moreno, Cloud Product Manager, Ignion
  • Carmen Redondo, Director, Global Marketing, Antennas, Kyocera AVX

Explore the critical aspects of designing embedded systems that are compatible with the Worldwide Internet of Things (IoT). We will delve into the challenges and considerations involved in creating interconnected devices that seamlessly integrate into the global IoT ecosystem, and whether global or regional connectivity is more appropriate in certain applications. Join us to gain valuable insights into best practices, standards, and strategies for designing embedded systems that empower the widespread adoption of IoT technologies across diverse industries.